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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Free Scrap Metal Pick Up Warren Watchung Green Brook, NJ

Timmy’s Mobile Junk Removal and Salvage Center
(908)616 5233
Warren, Green Brook, Watchung, Long Hill. Middlesex, Bound Brook, Bridgewater
08812 / 07059 / 07069

Discount, off any junk removal or home clean out services
Deals, on scrap metal prices, pick ups and drop offs 
Done right.

Call for rates, Call for FREE quotes, Ask about discounts, deals, and limited time offers!

What does Tim of Sommerset County do for you?
Mobile Junk, Mobile Scrapyard, Mobile Salvage Center
Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Steel, Heavy Steel, Rusted Steel, Iron, Alloys, E- Waste, and specialty items* that need removal! 
A daily process to reach excellence, updating prices and rates daily. Top Rated Service. 

When you call 9086165233 you'll be using a one-of-a-kind all american system that Tim has developed over years of hands on working experience. He uses when neccesary, a Cash to Reciept Check-Out Process! Specialty item removal deserves special attention to detail and Timmy’s Mobile Junk Removal and Salvage Center knows and understands a special way of doing business is needed.

Questions to ask your self: Do you require Junk Removal Services? Junk Hauling Services, 
Live in New Jersey?
Junk Removal Near your town? Check out our TTI List
Targeted Towns of Interest (TTI): Warren, Green Brook, Watchung, Long Hill. Middlesex, Bound Brook, Bridgewater
Targeted Areas of Interest (TAI): 08812, 07059, 07069

Commercial or Residential BOTH APPLY
All local companies are screened and approved. Call for a FREE service estimate.

(call for specialty items details)*
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